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FRIDAY, 07/18/2014 - SUNDAY, 07/20/2014
Level 1 Certification Seminar in Medicinal Aromatherapy (Stowe, PA)

Anyone can use essential oils but it takes education and wisdom to utilize Earth’s Original Medicine to its fullest healing powers.  This soul-centered essence extravaganza connects rare ancient teachings and modern cutting edge information and techniques on how to apply medicinal aromatherapy to your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Taught by Sharon Riegner, certified Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 facilitator.

FRIDAY, 07/25/2014 - SUNDAY, 07/27/2014
Level 1 Certification Seminar in Medicinal Aromatherapy (LaGrange, IL)

Explores the shamanic, practical, beautiful world of plant and tree medicine. Click on the title and obtain more details about content and seminar fees. Taught by Holly Kooy, a Wisdom of the Earth certified Level 1 facilitator.

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Wisdom of the Earth - Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit...Naturally. Wisdom of the Earth Essential Essences are a bridge and a connection to the Natural World. Wisdom of the Earth is a Way Station for all who seek help in their Ascension Process.

HOT OFF THE PRESS!! We are proud to announce the publication of Barry's new book, Wisdom of the Earth Speaks the Truth About Medicinal Aromatherapy. Please click on the Products area of the Website for information about the book. You can order it by calling Barry at 928-649-9968.

Located near magical Sedona, AZ, Wisdom of the Earth has a line of 225+ single, medicinal-grade essences imported from dedicated farmers throughout the world. We'd like to introduce you to Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils, share our vision of medicinal aromatherapy in its power and purity, and invite you to experience our offerings...our essences, services, seminars, trips, and related products. As you will see...we are all about relationship, so this is more of an informational than a commercial Website. If you are interested in any of our offerings, please call or email us, and we will explore how to help you deepen your connection to the healing power of Mother Earth.

We are honored by the inclusion of Wisdom of the Earth in a new book on places not to be missed during your visit to Sedona.

"Wisdom of the Earth offers pure essential oils for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They offer consultations, seminars, and even study abroad programs in medicinal aromatherapy. One of my few out-of-Sedona recommendations in this book, because what Barry Kapp and Audre (Wenzler) Gutierrez can teach you about oils and essences is worth the drive." (Page 22)

We appreciate the confirmation and recognition of those words...

Many of our essences are wild-crafted or bio-dynamically (in accordance with the natural rhythms of the Earth) farmed...which are a "step up" from organic. A word on organic certification: Many of our farmers follow the ancient ways, or live in countries where they have not tainted their crops with pesticides or harmful chemical fertilizers. Therefore essences may have been produced ethically or naturally, but are not "certified" by any governmental body. Also, due to the increased bureaucracy of the organic certification process, both here and in parts of Europe, some farmers choose not to pay the fees associated with certification, yet farm according to the principles. Therefore, ask us about how certain essences are produced, as we no longer identify essences as "organic" in our labeling.

Wisdom of the Earth is called to offer pure, powerful, single essences. We do not offer blends. Our approach is to teach our clients to layer individual, non-diluted essences on the skin, allowing them to work in synergy with the body's own intelligence. Also, we hand-pour every essence with loving intent, further enhancing its high vibrational energy.

Take a few moments and explore our site...and experience a little of what Wisdom of the Earth is all about. Our goal and passion are to truly make a difference in the world. Please "CLICK" on the horizontal bar at the top of this home page if you would like to hear a recording of Barry Kapp, sharing a message from the plants and trees.

Barry Kapp, Master Medicinal Aromatherapist & Founder, Wisdom of the Earth, and Audre Gutierrez, Medicinal Aromatherapist & Partner.

Wisdom of the Earth is open Monday - Friday 8:30a - 4:00p. Weekends by request only



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